Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Let the Ass-Kicking Begin

  If you like me feel you have been molested, spindled, mutilated because you refused to fold, Have I got a Point & Figure Chart for you,  yes, I am pissed off how could  you tell ?

 All I got to say lets get it on, now.  Don't matter how you try, it is again the triumph of Character over the sleaze of the KRIMEX and all their usual suspects.  Thats what I got.   I'll stop complaining about injustice when my cold dead fingers are pulled from the bottom of Johnny Walker BLACK, till then my implacable opposition will be out there.

 I say its good as long as we hold 21.  Pretty funny in the face of multi-hundred down days in the DOW !

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

HBM trading its "technicals" tactically // MAY 16 UPDate Files uploaded with stocks retaining 50% of 2014 Rally Gain, above 50 DMA & Bull P&F forms


May 16, up nicely
this morning posted on update blog

UPDate Files uploaded with stocks retaining 50% of 2014 Rally Gain, above 50 DMA & Bull P&F forms

I really liked trading this stock up off the Summer bottom.   I like its movement, and it is supposedly due to its move on AZC, Augusta Resources, a hostile bid.
But sometimes the predator can be prey as well, like Osisko.   Whatever you think, I don't know, but I do know how the stock is acting.  If you what I think will happen, all scoop, no poop, you may wish to subscribe to X-TTERRA.  All hard technical analysis, no chit chat, or jibber-jabber.  Short, hard and to the point.

It contains the likely direction for Silver Stocks, Gold Stocks and Physical metal on our Update Site, changing with the market.  The update in place is the latest move.  Stocks you want to know about, analyzed like HBM.  Video updates or chats a minimum of once per week.   Site Updates twice a week or as needed. Recap Newsletter at the end of each month with follow up for  stocks.    Affordable, $9.99@ month, no contract.
All TA, no fluff.  Short, concise, to the point.  Try it, you might like it better than a Big Mac Meal.

      As for HBM, here is the scoop as I see it.   Each time it gets this hot, note the red and green boxes and circles.   It corrects when it runs this hard.   Will it correct again ?  It seems to me that is a House Odds-On Favorite Bet, a Gambler's Bet for sure, in which the Reward, IMO, outweighs the Risks.
How tactically to trade it?    As I see it the least risk is as follows:

    1.  Estimating its REACT potential, I'd consider a very small position the next time it dips.
    2.  Figuring its going to dip MORE, I'd set a Limit order @ 8.35 for a minimum of 2X the amount you bought @ #1.
   3.   Knowing how many times I have been burned by buying a low too early, I would then set a Limit Buy Order @ 8.05  for 2X AGAIN the size of #2.
         IF I got all that, I'd then set a Mental LIMIT SELL ORDER (Stop Loss)
    @ U$D 7.75 and have someone nag me to death if I failed to sell when it hit that level.

My continuing target for this stock, NOW, is in the Low to Mid Teens.

That is what we do.  All STUFF, no fluff.  Its about making a profit.

SIGN UP TODAY and leave all the Guru Spew and Jibber-Jabber behind.
         Work on your profits, full steam ahead, at a price anyone can afford, $9.99 @ month, no contract.
THIS IS WHAT X-TERRA's updates look like:

 MAY 6, 2014
                              Gold Miner Stocks - Trade from LONG side

                                Silver Miner Stocks - Trade from LONG side

PHYSICAL GOLD - Trade from LONG Side
 Stock Selection Review
 May 6,

Tactical Mode:  Acquire on Dips
                                             Plan to execute:
                       1.  Acquire 10% now;
                       2.  Set Buy Limit order @ $ 8.35 for 20% more;
                       3.  Set Buy Limit Order @ $ 8.05 for 40% more;
                       4.  Set in Brokerage, or Keep in MENTAL Stop Loss order @ $7.75

NEXT CHAT MAY 14, details TBA in Updates

End Briefing.

Information contained is for instructional & educational purposes only. Investors are responsible for their own decisions & due diligence. Publisher and associates may have positions in the stocks herein Copyright 2014 Denaliguide , all rights reserved.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The General Populations of all the countries in question that have had them put over a barrel to support policies they never endorsed but had to endure, has but this one logical outcome, when the Powers IN Charge try to hang the huge developed debt albatross around their necks.

No one I know wants to pay interest on debts incurred in their name, without their permission.
The responsibility for these debts rests with the politicians and the sponsors driving these debts

Personally unless the politicians in each subject country take these lessons to heart, IMO, you can expect more of the "GREEK EVENTS", and I dont mean Olympics either.

Debt is NOT "Free Money" and if you live in an economy where your costs and what you msut buy is inflating around you on a rather constant and consistent basis you get the feeling that someone is profiting from this.  No anger yet, except as the misery indexes rise.
Until then there is confusion as to whom is to blame and groups with  stakes in differing outcomes blame each other, until the misery gets a bit unbearable and they come together to point the finger at the Government that has taken these actions in the name of the people but without their permission.  This is the  break - point at which serious problems, ala Greek Events, arise.   Take heed, this can happen anywhere.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Survival Food

Electrum coin from Lydia (VI century)Image via Wikipedia
At least survival food for your finances.

  We continue to play a long running game of "Who is On FIRST", and since the GUESS WHO played at the Super Bowl last night, I guess it was them.  For us, struggling for investment survival and prosperity it is more about whom will be left solvent and intact, even if we are the walking wounded.

    I suspect I am probably preaching to the choir here but in the larger picture we need remember that all financial instruments are derivatives of the basic wealth they represent.   They tend to be more liquid than the underlying investment.  However thanks to the Royal Canadian Mint and their agents, Royal and Scotia Banks, there is a relatively liquid market in real money, valued in fiat currency.  The upside to this, is that when low prices shrink the number of willing sellers, you can still buy thru these two banks.   Real bottom line here:
NO ONE with access to either of these banks need suffer total currency rot as we see going on today.
True, Canadians are tied to the US Dollar, but just as true, they need not suffer for it, if they choose to hold some "REAL MONEY" as "depreciation insurance" against the games that governments play with their creature, FIAT MONEY.

    Since neither Gold, Silver or Platinum for that matter can be conjured up in any quantity by computer digital entries, it is unlikely that they will suffer an oversupply.  In fact,  except for a brief period during the discovery of the New World where indigenous gold was expropriated, there has never been an oversupply of monetary metals.   True the nominal price of both the stock market and gold or silver pieces will vary.  What will not vary is the ability of the Monetary Metals, silver and gold, to circulate as and serve ALL functions of money, classically defined.  The amount of labor and invested capital to liberate, concentrate and produce a coin may vary be small degrees, but they cannot be created by the trillions at a keystroke.

    It is about what is in  your wallet and what is in your pantry, including your financial pantry.
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