Thursday, May 6, 2010


The General Populations of all the countries in question that have had them put over a barrel to support policies they never endorsed but had to endure, has but this one logical outcome, when the Powers IN Charge try to hang the huge developed debt albatross around their necks.

No one I know wants to pay interest on debts incurred in their name, without their permission.
The responsibility for these debts rests with the politicians and the sponsors driving these debts

Personally unless the politicians in each subject country take these lessons to heart, IMO, you can expect more of the "GREEK EVENTS", and I dont mean Olympics either.

Debt is NOT "Free Money" and if you live in an economy where your costs and what you msut buy is inflating around you on a rather constant and consistent basis you get the feeling that someone is profiting from this.  No anger yet, except as the misery indexes rise.
Until then there is confusion as to whom is to blame and groups with  stakes in differing outcomes blame each other, until the misery gets a bit unbearable and they come together to point the finger at the Government that has taken these actions in the name of the people but without their permission.  This is the  break - point at which serious problems, ala Greek Events, arise.   Take heed, this can happen anywhere.

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